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Loulouka Organic Infant Goat Milk stage 1

When used exclusively in bottles or as a supplement to breast milk, loulouka goat milk formula stage 1 is excellent. A wholesome, well-balanced infant food that is suitable starting at birth. It contains essential components that support the development and growth of your baby and is made with the finest organic Swiss goat milk.

Iron, Vitamin A, C, and D, among other essential vitamins and minerals, are included in its formulation to help your baby grow up healthy and fit.

The development of bones and calcium absorption depends on vitamin D. It is advised to move on to Loulouka goat milk Formula Stage 2 Follow-on after the sixth month.

 Allergies Are a Problem In Children Under Three.

A cow's milk allergy is among the most prevalent allergies in children under three. Those who are intolerant to specific proteins in cow milk may benefit from loulouka formula goat's milk. Despite their similarities, research reveals that some people have trouble properly digesting dairy. The primary cause of cow milk digestion issues is the protein Alpha S1 Casein.

The mentioned protein is 89% less in goat milk. Other advantages include smaller fat molecules and less lactose, which facilitate better digestion by the body. That is why Loulouka goat milk formula stage 1 is best for infants.

 It contains lactose but no GMOs, sweetness, colors, or preservatives. It is free from maltodextrin, nuts, or eggs.

It is suitable for vegetarians.

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