Kabrita Goat Formula Stage 1

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Kabrita Infant Formula Stage 1

Child formula is a reasonable option in contrast to breastfeeding. kabrita infant formula stage 1 uses from birth to a half year. It is produced using goat milk. This formula contains nutrients and minerals. Your child needs to develop. It has many ingredients, like unsaturated fats. This formula supports normal vision and mental health. 

kabrita formula contains a prebiotic. It upholds the digestive tract and the development of microorganisms. The goat milk formula is edible because of its fat and protein. It is wealthy in supplements like calcium, vitamin An and iron. This formula contains milk protein. To guarantee the amino acids in the formula.

This formula utilizes excellent milk from its farms for milk formula. It is produced using goat milk and is known for its fantastic taste. This formula contains beta-palmitate. Bosom milk has a high measure of beta-palmitate, which adds to calcium retention.

Kabrita Goat Milk Infant Formula

 kabrita 1 infant formula manufactures to meet your child's wholesome requirements. Goat milk is the fundamental fixing. The manufacturer added a wide range of various ingredients. To address the child formula. They kept on developing throughout the long term. It is currently one of the leading brands in goat milk-based food items. Each Goat rancher should be an individual from the Goat Dairy Affiliation. Keep the rules and regulations.

kabrita 1 infant formula contains 22 nutrients and minerals. It is separated from familiar sources. This formula contains calcium, magnesium, iron, biotin, manganese, and nutrients (A, C, D, K, and folic corrosive). A cautious and adjusted blend of these ingredients adds. Assist small kids with growing up solid. Dynamic and cheerful.

Two unsaturated fats. Found in the formula for bosom milk expansion. These two essential ingredients immediately affect your child's solid mental health. They are diminishing the gamble of sensitivities and supporting the resistance. If the baby reaches six and above, it is best to shift towards kabrita infant formula stage 2 and kabrita goat milk formula 3.


  • From 0-6 months.
  • Every holder contains 800g.
  • An estimating spoon.
  • Goat formula milk.
  • Contains DHA.
  • Prebiotic fiber.
  • Made in the Netherlands.
  • Milk protein.
  • Simple to eat.


Lactose (milk). Vegetable oils (corrosive palmitic oil, Soybean oil, Palm part oil, Sunflower oil). Skimmed goat milk powder. Goat whey protein concentrate powder (milk). Glucose syrup solids. Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) (milk). Minerals (Tri calcium phosphate. Tri sodium citrate. Calcium carbonate. Potassium hydroxide. Magnesium carbonate. Ferrous sulfate. Zinc sulfate. Copper sulfate. Manganese sulfate. Potassium iodide. Sodium selenate. Docosahexaenoic corrosive rich oil (DHA) (fish). Arachidonic corrosive rich oil (AA). Nutrients (L-ascorbic corrosive. Sodium L-ascorbate. DL-alpha tocopheryl acetic acid derivation. Nicotinamide. Calcium D-pantothenate. Thiamin hydrochloride. Retinyl acetic acid derivation. Riboflavin. Pyridoxine hydrochloride. Folic corrosive. Phytomenadione. D-Biotin. Cholecalciferol. Cyanocobalamin. Choline bitartrate. Choline chloride. Taurine. L-carnitine. Inositol.


  • Boil drinking water. Cool it to around 100 ml. 40-50°C.
  • The water ought not to be hot.
  • Add the necessary measure of bubbling water to the cleaned bottle.
  • Measure the suggested measure of solution powder. Then, add the flour to the water.
  • Close the jug and shake well.
  • Cool to drinking temperature. 37°C. Take a look at the temperature. It Has a HiPP thermometer.


  • While planning powdered milk. Adhere to the guidelines for use.
  • Inappropriate readiness or long-haul stockpiling of arranged jugs can prompt medical conditions.
  • This is because of the development of undesirable microscopic organisms.
  • Plan powdered milk before each taking care of and feed right away.
  • Try not to reuse the rest of the pre-arranged formula. Clean jugs, areolas, and rings.
  • Close the opened pack after use.
  • Store dry at room temperature. Use in somewhere around three weeks in the wake of opening.
  • Try not to use boiling water. To forestall the destruction of regular lactic corrosive microscopic organisms.
  • Infant formulas are dependent upon regular variety changes. Because of their mineral substance.

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