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LOULOUKA STAGE 3 FORMULA 10+ MONTH - 4 Tins - 67.99 each is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Loulouka Bio Cow formula stage 3

When your baby is ready to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, Loulouka Stage 3 Formula is the best option. A very well nourishing infant food can be included in a varied diet starting at ten months. It provides critical components for the growth and development of your baby and is made with the finest organic Swiss cow's milk.

Loulouka formula contains Iron, Vitamin A, C, and D, among other essential vitamins and minerals, are included in its formulation to help your baby grow up healthy and strong. The development of bones and calcium absorption depends on vitamin D.

Every Essential Neutrient is Present in Loulouka Stage 3 Formula.

 Ingredients like whey and folic acid, essential for babies at this developmental time, are found in Loulouka Stage 3 Formula. It also includes vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6—essential nutrients your infant needs. This product was manufactured correctly using organic whole milk from cows reared on grass free of pesticides and fertilizers and created with coconut oil to improve bone health and growth.

 This "follow-on milk" is excellent for parents who wish to continue using formula into the toddler years because it has extra DHA/ARA and has more iron than loulouka stage 1 formula while having a few more calories per serving than Stage 2. With Loulouka, you can relax knowing that your baby is receiving the best, purest organic foods at each of its three developmental phases.

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