Nanny Care stage 2 Follow on goat formula 6+ months

Type: Goat Formula
SKU: NannycareS2900G-6tins

Nanny Care Stage 2

The appropriate nutritional balance for infants aged six to twelve months is present in nanny care stage 2. It is created to complement breast milk or a baby's breastfeeding diet.

100% natural whole cream milk used to make Nanny Care formula is specifically suited for use in the newborn formula.

Because the curds created by goat milk are inherently softer than those produced by cow's milk, Nannycare goat milk infant organic baby formula is substitute milk that is kind and soft on young stomachs.

Vitamin D is present in follow-up milk to promote the immune system's regular operation. For naturally softer curds, our goats are bred to produce milk with low levels of Alpha S1 casein. Our goat milk is softly processed, free of palm oil and whey, and suitable for infants.

Nanny Care Formula Is Full Of Nutrients

DHA (Omega 3 LCPs) is present to facilitate typical visual development.  It contains naturally occurring oligosaccharides3 with a structure resembling that of human milk. Vitamin D is present to support the immune system's regular operation. It is an iodine source that aids in children's healthy growth.

 Maltodextrin, GMOs, glucose syrups, sugar, or palm oil are absent.

 Nanny Care Stage 2 Formula is devoid of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, steroids, chemicals, and dangerous metals, just as all formulas with European certification. Furthermore, Nanny Care prefers not to use palm or coconut oil in its formulations.