No Toxins & Additives

Our products are a perfect retreat for your baby as they do not contain any hormones, additives, antibiotics, or harmful substances.

Light On Your Pocket

We provide you with a formula that is the perfect blend of essential nutrients and does not put a strain on your wallet.

Gentle On Tiny Tummies

Let your baby say goodbye to digestive discomfort because our formula milk is gentle on the baby's tiny tummy.

About Us

Being one of the most trusted providers of formula milk, we aspire to see your baby happy and healthy. So, when breastfeeding is not an option, our nutritious and healthy milk formula goes perfectly with your baby.

Formula milk is specially designed for cup or bottle feeding and is suitable for babies under twelve months. Milk from goats or cows is the possible main ingredient of formula milk.

Although breastmilk is the optimal nutrient blend for the baby, formula milk also provides nutrition close to the mother's milk. Nonetheless, breast milk has no replacement.

The baby's age, nutritional needs, formula type, ingredients, and paediatrician consultation are essential to consider before you choose the right formula for your baby.

It is completely fine to use formula milk for a baby as long as it meets the baby's nutritional needs. Also, the formula must not contain any additives and should be FDA-approved.

The time limit for a prepared milk formula is two hours. However, storing the procedure in the fridge is vital if you want to use it for twenty-four hours.

NO! Freezing milk formula can be dangerous. It can alter the composition and texture of the milk and can be harmful to your baby.

Formula milk must be stored in a clean and cool place. Also, it is important to shut the container tightly before storage.

The body temperature, i.e. 98.6 F, is ideal for a baby's formula milk. Breast milk has precisely the same optimal temperature.