Best Formula For Constipation In Infants – Everything You Need to Know


Parenthood is not an easy task. There is so much to handle. It is especially challenging for new parents. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to understand the minor issues of your little one. 

Constipation is a common problem that occurs in Infants. This issue is worrisome for all the parents.

Do you want to know which is the best formula for Constipation? We have gathered some valuable information to help you out with constipation issues. 

Reasons For Constipation In Infants 

Constipation is a concerning issue for parents. Right? Seeing your baby restless and uneasy is quite hard. It is not easy to figure out what can be the reason behind all unease.

Nonetheless, we understand your concerns. Knowing the possible reasons why your baby cannot pass the stool is better.

Here are the reasons that account for constipation in babies.

Take some time to read the given information and sort out the issues of the little tummy.

Changed Diet 

Change in diet is one of the major causes of Constipation. When your baby’s diet changes from formula or breastmilk to any solid food, it results in Constipation. 

The low amount of fiber in the diet can also cause Constipation in little ones. 

Bottle-fed babies are more likely to have Constipation than breastfed babies. It is because breastmilk contains natural laxatives. 

 Some babies have constipation problems even though they have a good diet. 

Medical Conditions

In rare cases, certain medical conditions can result in Constipation. 

Many metabolic disorders, digestive system issues, and nerve abnormalities can cause Constipation in less than 5% of children. 

Strong Formula

Bottle-fed babies need to have a formula that has an exact ratio of water and formula powder—unbalanced ratio results in Constipation and other issues in infants. 

Less Intake Of Fluids

In summer or hot weather, bottle-fed babies need extra fluids. You can give boiled and cooled water between the feeds. Less Intake of liquids may cause Constipation. 

Genetic Factors 

The babies have more chances of having Constipation if other family members have experienced this issue. Environmental and genetic factors may be responsible for it. 

Signs of Constipation

  • Large, complex, and compact stool
  • Smaller and pallet-like stool
  • Blood in the stool
  • Painful bowel movements
  • A tear in the rectum
  • Uneasiness
  • Black-colored stool
  • Disturbed eating routine
  • Swollen belly 

Baby Formula For Constipation

There are many remedies and cures for consideration. Many people opt for home remedies too. 

Appropriate baby formula can also help. A wisely-chosen formula milk will help to meet your child’s nutritional needs. Also, it helps to resolve different medical issues.

Following are some of the formulas to help with Constipation in infants. 

Hipp Dutch Formula

Hipp Dutch Formula is a perfect blend of prebiotics and probiotics. Formula is specially designed to relieve Constipation in infants.

Prebiotics and probiotics help to strengthen the baby’s immune system. Moreover, they ensure a healthy microbiome to reduce the risk of Constipation.

The formula-based milk contains dietary fiber present in breast milk. It helps to soften the stool and retains water. As a result, there is less likelihood of Constipation.

If you are worried about the constipation problem of your baby, we got things sorted for you. Hipp Dutch Formula is the choice of all mamas for preventing Constipation.

NannyCare Formula 

NannyCare Formula is the best formula for spit up and Constipation. The formula has goat milk. Goat milk is light and easily digestible. It almost resembles breastmilk. 

Fewer amounts of proteins and lactose make this formula milk easy to digest. NannyCare helps to relieve constipation effects. 

This baby formula is grain free. It is a cut above the rest, among other baby formulas. 

Being easy to digest and lighter in texture helps avoid Constipation. Also, it has excellent nutritional value. 

Loulouka Formula

This organic baby formula is free of harmful chemicals. With sufficient vitamins and minerals, this is the parents’ choice formula for Constipation. 

Loulouka Formula has the finest ingredients. 

There are no sweeteners in the formula. Plus! It has organic-fed cow’s milk. 

It is easy to digest, just like breastmilk. This formula is a unique mixture of water and fresh milk. There is no need to add extra water. 

Loulouka Formula possesses almost all the characteristics of breastmilk. For this reason, this is the best formula for constipation relief. 

Wrapping it All Up

Constipation is a common issue that causes pain and discomfort to your little one. It makes parents anxious about their babies. 

Constipation has many causes. But it is not a severe problem in most cases.

 Many home remedies and treatments are available to relieve this condition. Proper baby formula can also help to treat Constipation. There are many baby formulas available that are high in nutrition. They are easily digestible. 


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