Everything We Need To Know About Loulouka Baby Formula

The more recent brand of organic infant formula is Loulouka. It has three stages, like the majority of European organic infant formulas. Loulouka goat milk Stage 1 formula of Loulouka is for infants from birth to six months old. For infants from five months to twelve months, there is Loulouka Stage 2. Stage 3 of Loulouka is for infants ten months old or older. This article describes what makes Loulouka formula an excellent option for your child.

History of Loulouka Baby Formula

In 2019, Peter, Christiaan, and Michael, three men, formed Loulouka. The three individuals have years of experience in the infant food and formula industry. After his partner gave birth to their triplets, Peter became interested in newborn nutrition and began researching various formula ingredients. Peter began to explore ways to calm his new babies after many restless nights that left him feeling worn out, powerless, and disappointed. Since high school, Michael and Christiaan have been friends. They have years of experience working with well-known baby food brands all around the world. In 2016, Peter, Christiaan, and Michael teamed up to develop an infant formula that would be superior to what was already available. They believed that none of the infant formulae on the market met their expectations for what it ought to look like. They were determined to make no concessions. They only utilise simple Swiss ingredients and milk from organic cows. Durability is a further aspect of their mission for all ingredients, manufacturing procedures, and the final product.

What Makes Loulouka a Good Alternative for Breast Milk?

Although Loulouka formula is made entirely of natural, organic components, it is a good substitute for breast milk. The organic ingredients in Loulouka include refined fish oil, coconut oil in place of palm oil, grass-fed Swiss skim milk, all the required vitamins, and DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids. Loulouka has lactose which is the primary source of carbohydrates.

Before leaving the facility, Loulouka undergoes 50 quality tests; all ingredients are organic and of the highest calibre. Loulouka uses sustainable production practices to make their infant formula. Loulouka infant formula is gluten-free and devoid of soy, GMOs, wheat, sugars, and almonds. Last but not least, Loulouka is devoid of chemical pesticides.

What is the difference between the Three Stages?

The components of Loulouka infant formulae are the same for each stage. For instance, stage 1 contains 0.7 mg of iron but Loulouka stages 2 and 3 both have 1 mg of iron. Other significant substances were also developed using this method by the Loulouka manufacturers. The primary justification for the several stages of European infant formula is this. As they develop, babies’ needs for key vitamins and minerals change.

Why choose Organic European baby formula?

Reduce exposure to pesticides and toxins frequently ingested through cow’s milk and the substances used to create infant formula. Absolutely no carrageenan is permitted in their formula! European organic infant formula does not contain synthetic nutrients, although lutein, lycopene, nucleoside, taurine, and l-carnitine are still present in American formulas.

What Is The Best Formula For A Newborn Baby? US v. EU Formulas

There are notable distinctions between baby formula made in the United States and Europe. According to the Clean Label Project, 65% of American baby formulas tested positive for arsenic (those with an organic USDA label had twice as much), 58% for cadmium (baby formulas based on soy had eight times greater than those based on a cow), 36% for lead, and 10% for the cancer-causing substance acrylamides. Insufficient pesticides, insecticides, and herbicides in European milk powder make buying Loulouka baby formula worthwhile.

Examining the ingredients that your baby will consume is the first step in selecting the best baby formula. While Loulouka’s formula, which you can purchase straight from My Organic Company, is 100% clean, unlike USDA-approved organic baby formula, which allows dangerous chemicals in your infant’s milk.

Final Thought

Each can of Loulouka goat milk formula is prepared from a unique combination that contains all the nutrients needed to be used as a supplement or a complete replacement for breastfeeding. The best method to feed your baby is through breastfeeding, but if, like many mothers, you cannot do so due to insufficient milk production, formula—especially organic baby formula like Loulouka—is the next best thing.

You should almost certainly need to use a bottle, whether you choose to breastfeed or use formula. Check out my piece on customised bottles that can help prevent colic if your baby suffers from it. Lastly, please don’t let anyone make you feel inferior because you can’t breastfeed. Keep in mind that eating is best.


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