Why We Believe in Organic Formula?


We believe in organic formula farming versus non-organic farming. In simple terms, organic farmers don’t spray chemicals onto their crops to kill pests, and they don’t feed their crops with artificial fertilizers. Instead, they grow their crops using natural soil and management techniques, protect crops from pests naturally and rotate crops to give the soil a rest and allow it to replenish naturally. This farming means that the ground is healthy and able to retain valuable moisture, while the surrounding environment is better protected from synthetic chemical run-off.

 Children must have a good start in life. It’s not just about breastfeeding, and it’s not just about nutrition. To support a child’s development, they need to be nurtured by those around them; they need to feel loved and reassurance that they are secure. Studies show that breastfed babies whose parents communicate with them are more likely to enjoy better health and be more confident as they grow. They generally develop relationships that last a lifetime.

 Each year we plant thousands of new trees to help restore the natural habitat of our beautiful land. More than 60% of our cocoa is grown by smallholders who care for the environment and their families – creating a better life. Also, with organic farming, the rainforest is left intact, so it can continue to provide a haven for endangered species. And that’s why we exist; we are here to protect the planet for future generations.

 How Does Organic Formula Be Better Than Regular Formula?

We use a combination of live cultures, ion exchange and ultra-filtration to remove the lactose in Loulouka Formula Canada. Live cultures are naturally present in the ingredients we use. This combination means our milk contains lots of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients that nature intended when fresh from the cow – like iron, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin B12. Our pastures provide the natural nutrients our cows need to be healthy and are the perfect environment for grazing and producing the organic milk we use in our milk. This is why we have our herd of cows – to ensure that they are grazing on the highest-quality pastures, including clover, meadow grasses, trefoil and herbs.

 However, we only source ingredients from the best European organic farmers and suppliers. All the ingredients and the final products are tested many times to ensure they meet our stringent safety and quality standards and are as safe as they can be for your baby. Our organic ingredients are all-natural and come from people you can trust. They are the same ingredients you will find at your local market. Still, we ensure they don’t contain GMOs, hormones, antibiotics, synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or other unnatural chemicals. And each batch of ingredients is tested many times to ensure they meet our stringent safety and quality standards and are as healthy as they can be for your baby.

 Ingredients of Organic Formula

There are many reasons to choose an organic baby formula like Loulouka Formula Canada over one that is non-organic. It’s better for both you and your baby. Organic baby formula contains minimal ingredients, no harmful pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics and is free of heavy metals. Additionally, a procedure containing fewer ingredients may be easier to digest. Organic baby formula is a little more expensive than average, but it is worth it for many parents. Organic ingredients may work less for your baby’s digestive system, making them easier to digest. Organic baby formula is becoming more popular with parents. The procedure may have a few benefits for babies and parents too, who often find it easier to feed their baby organic milk than other types.

 The organic milk formula contains minimal ingredients. It does not contain harmful pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics or is free of heavy metals. Additionally, fewer ingredients mean that organic baby formula may be easier to digest. Babies need minimal ingredients, as they can be susceptible to allergies and gastrointestinal issues.

 Several Health Benefits

Several studies have found that infants fed organic formula were less likely to develop allergies or asthma than that fed non-organic formula. While it is impossible to classify any formula as 100% natural or safe, some formulas are better than others. We’ll explain what makes organic baby formula Canada better and why you should consider purchasing it for your little one. Organic baby formula is made from either cow’s milk or soy. The only difference is that the milk or soy used in the organic formula is free of hormones, chemicals, and pesticides, making it safer than non-organic formulas.

 Babies love organic milk formula

We’re parents, so you can be sure we feel the same way. We’re proud to be the UK’s number one online retailer of organic milk formula. We believe in organic milk formula because babies love it. An incredible 97% of parents say their babies seem happier with them. A whopping 97% of parents say their babies seem happier with them.

 Environment friendly

With DHA and ARA, organic baby formula is clinically shown to be as effective as breast milk for meeting a baby’s nutritional needs. Our award-winning organic formula is produced in a sustainable way that protects our planet too. We further ensure our production is carbon neutral and our packaging is environmentally friendly. We package in glass and paper made from renewable sources, reducing the amount of harmful carbon produced by the packaging industry. Our transparent packaging lets you see exactly what you’re paying for. It can also be recycled at home.


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