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It has become clear in recent years how important it is for moms to breastfeed. It is no longer just about an alternative source of nutrition for a baby but has many health benefits for the mom. One of the most common questions I get from moms is What Formula Should I Buy? I always tell them whatever formula they choose to use, don’t buy the cheap, off-the-shelf brands; buy the better ones. You are not alone in looking for a better alternative to baby formula. There is a growing movement against the major baby formula brands; their only focus is profit. What you might not know is that there are many health benefits to breastfeeding.

 The Best loulouka Formula We have found that even though many Moms would like to breastfeed, they cannot due to health or being unable. So with that being said, Why not try the next best thing?


 Loulouka Formula Canada

The Loulouka Formula Canada is a safe alternative for breastfeeding moms. The baby formula Loulouka Formula Canada, modelled to imitate human breast milk, was launched in 2017. It has been confirmed by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), scientists who have worked for nearly three years. It is made with the highest quality ingredients, including turmeric and ginger, perfect for soothing upset stomachs and developing a healthy gut for your baby.

 Loulouka Formula Canada is developing a revolutionary new way of feeding babies and toddlers. In the company’s mission to provide what nature intended, Loulouka Formula Canada has introduced a final product that replicates breastfed milk’s benefits. The company has developed a technology which achieves that goal.

 The organic baby formula is also Vegan, Gluten Free, 100% Canadian, and has no added preservatives. Some of the critical Ingredients in the Loulouka formula are Ginger which has been used in Indian traditional medicine as a holistic remedy against stomach disorders, including diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. It has also been used to treat inflammation, other gastrointestinal problems, motion sickness, and inflammation-related pain. The herb boosts stomach mucus production, which helps protect the stomach lining from damage. In addition, ginger contains anti-inflammatory compounds, including gingerols and shagaols, which are believed to block inflammatory pathways in the body.


 That’s why we discovered Loulouka Formula


  • Loulouka formula is a line of premium baby food and snacks made with LOVE!
  • Loulouka follows the Canadian Pediatric Society’s line of recommendations on nutrition for children.
  • Babies who have tried Loulouka have shown great interest in the different tastes and textures.
  • Parents can be sure that Loulouka is a safe, tasty, high-quality option that they can trust to make meals easy and fun while they are busy with their baby.
  • Parents created Loulouka for parents. They are taking what already works and making it even better.
  • Using the top milk sources in the world, eliminating palm oil, and working with full-fat whole milk, Loulouka has gone through 50 Quality Checks – this is what babies deserve.
  • Loulouka, with its unique formulation, is most suitable for lactose intolerant babies, supporting their growth and development. Loulouka has a mild, creamy flavour and excellent consistency. It is also rich in whey proteins that are less likely to trigger an allergy.
  • Loulouka is made in Switzerland with organic whole cow milk and traditional coconut oil, with no addition of any synthetic nutrients or preservatives. The product is free of palm oil and derivatives (a common component in almost all infant formulas). Gluten is also absent from the ingredients list.


  • Loulouka is available in three flavours to help you bond with your baby over something good for both of you.
  • Loulouka Original is a classic flavour made with real vanilla beans to enhance the taste that the baby naturally loves.
  • Loulouka Vanilla is made with vanilla extract to complement your baby’s favourite meals leaving no room for artificial flavouring.
  • Loulouka Chocolate is made with fine Belgian chocolate to be a treat for both you and your baby during those special bonding moments.
  • Each flavour comes in two different formats: Ready-to-Use 100 ml and Concentrate 100 ml.
  • When the baby needs more help with digestion, use Loulouka Original or Chocolate in concentrated form. Mix 50 ml of concentrate with 150 ml of water for a convenient way to feed your baby beneficial pre-digested food.

      Health Benefits

  • Prepare fresh whole milk for babies over six months of age.
  • For that extra boost of immune support, add a dash of Probiotics – a natural way to support gut health naturally.
  • Loulouka is the first infant formula in the world that substitutes palm oil with coconut oil. Traditional coconut oil has better fat and calcium absorption than palm oil. It is also considered safe and does not trigger allergies because of the different components of its composition.

All follow-on formula contains ALA, calcium and vitamins A, C and D. It is so easy to digest, even if you are used to breast milk. No allergic reactions, no diarrhoea or reflux whatsoever. And above all that, the best part of it is that it helps babies’ immune systems start developing. Since this is a question many moms ask themselves: not all formulas are equal! After breast milk, this is indeed the closest thing we can get out there.


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